‘Tis the season for colds, dry skin and winter blues. Fortunately, there are lots of simple, eco-friendly remedies for even the most gruesome of ailments. Instead of slathering yourself in creams and popping pills, you can take comfort in knowing you’ll be keeping your maladies at bay without harming yourself or planet earth.

All you need is thyme to ward off that pesky cough. Add three tablespoons of dried thyme to a pint of boiling water. Let the mixture cool before adding a cup of honey. Take one teaspoon every hour as needed.

For cold and flu prevention, up your dose of vitamin C, but make sure it comes from natural sources. Studies have shown that vitamin capsules aren’t nearly as effective. Although oranges are associated with vitamin C, they’re not actually at the top of the list in terms of potency – try instead guavas and sweet red peppers.

Anyone who has chopped garlic knows it can clear your sinuses. Try incorporating it into your meals as much as possible during the cold and flu season, even if you haven’t caught anything – it’s preventative too.

During the dry winter months, sneezing isn’t only a hazard in contracting illnesses, but can also lead to nosebleeds. Make sure you get your daily cup of leafy greens – the vitamin K will help fortify your capillaries and encourage your blood to clot faster.

A headache is just the thing to put you over the edge when you already have all or any of the above symptoms. Whatever the cause of your head pain, carrots will be your saviour. The beta-carotene minimizes inflammation in the brain’s blood vessels. Two cups a day can help reduce the incidence of headaches by as much as 70 percent.

As happy as the holidays are, they can sometimes cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Lavender is a great herb to calm your nerves. Apply lavender oil to the pulse points on your wrists, neck and feet and let the holiday festivities begin!

Conservation Tip
Control the intensity on lights in your home by installing dimmer switches. Dimming a light by 25% uses 10% less energy.
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