Life with a toddler brings a new adventure to each and every day. While your little boy or girl is busy exploring the world – walking independently, trying and touching new things – they’re also becoming increasingly exposed to a number of toxins. It can be challenging to keep up and always ensure they’re staying safe.

Here are 5 tips for creating a non-toxic play space for your little one:

Beware of “New” Items

You know that “new” smell that often comes with a new mattress, furniture or toy? That’s actually an indication that the material is releasing hazardous toxins that were trapped in during production. The best way to avoid this is to buy items made of organic materials. Alternately, you can air out new items outside for a few days before bringing them indoors, if the season allows.

Clean Naturally

Every chemical we expose our children to will have a side effect, whether it’s today or in years to come. Using harsh chemical cleaners in your toddler’s room means you are exposing them to unnecessary toxins. Opt for natural alternatives like vinegar, lemon and baking soda that work wonders to get rid of germs and bacteria.


Be sure to use paint that is free of VOCs and harsh additives. Common paint brands often trigger headaches and dizziness and a child is more sensitive to these symptoms. Non-toxic paints that use naturally derived ingredients like clay, milk and lime are excellent alternatives.

Fresh Air

Open a window as often as possible to allow fresh air to flow in, while allowing the stale air to flow out. If the weather isn’t ideal for opening a window, consider investing in an air purifier for your toddler’s room. In particular, air purifiers with an activated carbon and HEPA filtration system will helps dispose of pollutants, odours and toxic chemicals.

Conservation Tip
An energy efficient light bulb lasts 20,000 hours - that means if it’s on for 5 hours a day it will last 11 years. In that time you would have replaced a regular light bulb 26 times!
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