Choosing to live an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean you must install solar panels on your roof or harvest rainwater. There are so many simple steps we can take to contribute to making a difference. So easy, in fact, you can even teach your kids to be eco-conscious and get them thinking about the environment at an early age.

Here are some small steps you and your kids can take together to make home your home environment a little more ‘green’.

Turn Off The Tap
Start by teaching the kids to turn off the water while brushing their teeth. While they brush, talk to them about why we need to save water. In no time the kids will be scolding you for leaving the tap on too long!

Hit The Switch
Switch off the lights when you leave a room. If the switch is too high for your child to reach, you can make it fun by lifting them up to switch it off. You can also add a stool below the switch so they can be independent and get into a routine. This is one of the simplest steps you can take, but the electricity adds up and every little bit helps.

Grow A Garden
Gardening is a great skill to develop – and what kid doesn’t like playing in the dirt? Try harvesting your own fresh produce; it’ll be pesticide free and taste great. Get the kids involved in gardening and they’ll love seeing the their own homegrown veggies on the dinner table.

Remember Reusable
Send your kids to school with their lunch in reusable containers instead of disposable bags. You can also get your kids excited about taking reusable bags to the grocery store or the mall – let them pick out their favourite design and it can be their special bag. This way they can also help you remember to take it every time.

Ride A Bike
Why use up car fuel if you don’t have to? Bike ride with your kids to drop them off on a play date or take your bike for local errands. It’s great exercise, a fun family experience and, of course, healthy for the environment.

Reuse old clothing
Cut up old or worn-out clothing to use as rags for cleaning the car or other items at home. This gives old clothes a new purpose and saves you from having to use wasteful products that are harmful to the environment - better for the earth, and the wallet.

Skip the pre-rinse
Take an extra minute to scrape food off plates before loading them into the dishwasher. In turn, you can skip the dishwasher’s pre-rinse cycle, saving gallons of water each month.

Metal DIY
Try upcycling metal tins and cans. By washing them out and removing the labels, you have the basis of hundreds of DIY crafts projects ranging from hanging lanterns, to seed planters, to sidewalk luminaries.

Conservation Tip
Choose a clothes dryer that has automatic shut off. They have sensors to tell when clothes are dry so that no extra energy is used for unnecessary drying.
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